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Your Neighborhood, Get Organized & Prepared

Updated: Apr 19


Really, we can do it, you can do it!

You can create great synergy when you are preparing your own home.  Include your family, roommates neighbors to get started and motivate each other by sharing what you are doing.


We are only as prepared as our least prepared neighbor when the large scale emergency or event strikes.

Every household is responsible to prepare for their own needs.  Supplies, food, energy, patience just won’t last long if only a few in the neighborhood choose to get their own home in order.  Chaos always busts out when people are unprepared and afraid.


On the flip side, if most neighbors buy in to being self reliant by gathering supplies, food, gaining skills and practicing what they learn, chances are so much better for a successful outcome.


Principles for Successful Outcomes:

Prepare your own household

Get to know your neighbors

Be willing to work together to assist others

By being prepared, you are part of the solution being available to reach out to others.


Come along with us as we prepare our neighborhood.  We didn’t do it in a day or even two.  The process has begun, we are in it and we are learning as we build. 

So can you.  Sometimes our plan didn’t work, we learned where we needed to adjust, so we did and then it worked again for a while.  That is the process.  Plan, Do, Discuss, Adjust, then Plan, Do, Discuss, Adjust.


Sometimes, it MAY feel so big (only because it is), that it seems impossible to accomplish.  And it is, if you think you have to do it this weekend and be done, for sure is overwhelm. It is a process that takes your time, creativity and consistent effort a little at a time.


 Have you ever heard the phrase, “Anything worth doing is worth doing right the first time?”  So it will take your time, and it will be time well spent.   By knowing in advance the process, and that it takes time and focus while you are working on it.  A  little at a time does turn into a big deal as your organization is focused on and expands.


You can do it by keeping your eye on the goal, “Neighborhood Preparation” , then break it down, different size pieces at a time.  Sometimes you will have a big project that may take more time, and sometimes you will have small projects, many of them.  Just keep going, do what you can.


The journey of creating a self-reliant lifestyle is amazing and messy.

It is so worth it.  You can’t buy or whip up “Peace of Mind.”  It takes focus and action, work.


Needed:  knowledge, skills, patience, wisdom etc……………you can fill in the blanks yourself of what you would like to gain by the time you are seeing progress. The journey will grow and blossom and give you so much as you give of yourself to GET ORGANIZED!!!


Amazing friendships blossom as you see progress in yourself first and then, those around you.   Your own confidence grows as you find strength in yourself and others.


Life becomes more meaningful and joyful and secure when we have knowledge, skills, supplies. Then, if something goes awry with work, the economy, a natural disaster, our family or loved ones.  We can take care of ourselves  with the basics and, if needed, we have a choice of helping others, if we are not prepared, we cannot always count on others to take care of us.


We are stronger than we think. Believe and trust.





This is the Precinct Team




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