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District Liaison/Stake Preparation Leader

Updated: May 9

The District Liaison is the connection between the District (Stake) Leadership and the City Emergency Management Leadership.  The DL is also the Team Leader of all the Precinct Leaders/ Ward Preparation Leaders in their District (Stake).

The District Leader assists Precinct Leaders/Ward/Neighborhood Preparation Leaders in their District in organizing their Precincts/Neighborhoods in developing their Neighborhood Emergency Plan

Hold training meetings with Precinct Leaders on the following:

  1. “Preparing their own Homes” and encouraging their neighbors to prepare their homes

  2. Counsels the organizing of Neighborhood/Precinct Teams of Block Captains

  3. Assists Precinct Leaders in organizing their own Neighborhood/Emergency Plan

  4. Assists in growing the Comms Team in Precincts, District and connecting with the City/Local Radio Club for consistent communication drills for education and practice purposes

  5. Keeps Contact information of Precinct Leaders/Precinct Comms/ District Comms up to date (every 6 months or yearly) to distribute to the emergency team, ecclesiastical leaders and local city police dept and city emergency preparation team

  6. If available, The District Liaison is part of the City Emergency Planning Council and attends city planning meetings organizing local emergencies, mapping of precincts and districts, Precinct Leader Trainings, Shake Out Drill planning, Animal Control Education, VOAD Education, Neighborhood Watch Training, local city concerns, CERT Trainings, HAM Radio education, etc.

  7. Keeps District/Stake/ Ecclesiastical Leaders informed of all work being done in Precincts to City and City to Precincts of issues concerning EP

  8. Updates District/Precinct Emergency Plan w/ Stake/ Ecclesiastical Leaders including the City Emergency Plan

  9. Encourage Neighborhood/Precinct events so residents have opportunity to form meaningful relationships and receive education for their preparation plans and also District/Stake Emergency Preparation Events


A few notes…..

Provide all residents in the District Area the opportunity to become involved in community service as Block Captains, CERT Teams, Precinct Animal Control for Emergencies Team, Precinct Leaders, Precinct and District Comms Teams, Precinct Medical Teams, Search and Rescue Teams etc.

This is a great opportunity to receive valuable training, developing self and to create unity in neighborhoods and beyond

District Liaison Duties
Download PDF • 69KB

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