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About US 

CHGetready is about making your own family and home preparations for the unplanned, and sometimes traumatic events that may come your way as you live your life.
Loss of financial support, an accident or lingering illness, natural disasters, family disruption, recovering from an emergency. So many experiences throughout our lifetime. Being prepared on several levels gives us the welcome order in our lives when it feels chaos is all around.

Preparing the individual and home, then your neighborhood and finally connecting with your community. There are steps that take some of your time and effort that when put in place and practiced may bring peace.

We focus on Preparation, Response and Recovery.


Our own journey started by gathering information, attending seminars, taking courses, incorporating skills and making preparations, then helping others do the same since 2008. Our website continues to expand and update.

We Believe in the strength and of the people, to accomplish their own preparations and to assist others to do the same. This process is magical as it creates a synergy of amazing unity.

People want to feel safe, independent, strong, prepared, and ready to help others.

Our website began with a Blog, then grew to a website to share the information gathered, used and practiced.

You will find encouragement, information, procedures, and trusted recommended products on
our site.

We practice the information you find here because, it works. It is a lifestyle that requires updates, practice and awareness. Take the principle and make it fit your situation.

We hope you will find the information of value and that it serves your process of preparation.

Image by Muhammad Masood
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