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Mobile Communication Unit, Mobile Incident Command

Updated: May 9

A mobile communication unit is beneficial for city sponsored events, or for any kind of an emergency.  The Incident Command is an amazing communications vehicle that is equipped with top quality HAM Radio equipment.  

It is ready to hit the road with HAM Radio operators and the Police Dept having the ability to be mobile, going wherever it is needed.  Gathering and sending information from other HAM Radio operators, then reporting up to date information where it will make a difference.  It is the traveling area Incident Command Post.  Operators set up inside and outside of the vehicle.

For example, when the city has big events, like a 5K/10K race, the Incident Command can start at one assigned spot and operators assigned at the city EOC and also other places on the route.  As the race progresses, all the roving operators and the Incident Command are able to move about freely, so coverage is accommodated.  All the operators receive the same information and are well connected. 

This system of communication works well for many city sponsored events.  It is an investment of money, time and resources well spent.  

One event, Field Day, is a great time for the HAM Radio Club to practice their skills and discover limitations and scenarios where more planning or practice is needed.  The Incident Command has been used at these events.  The competition is a great way to fine tune skills with club members throughout the city and in other cities and states.

CHARC, Cottonwood Heights Amateur Radio Club have been active in several Field Day events and have consistently won awards for their tenacity in moving forward to perfect their skills and be an inspiration to others to do the same.  Cottonwood Heights City is very fortunate to have a great club that is so active in Emergency Preparation and Management.

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