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Bishops/Ecclesiastical Leaders

Updated: May 9

Bishops and Ecclesiastical Leaders have a large responsibility to prepare their own homes for emergencies and also to encourage residents to do the same.  If residents are prepared to be self reliant, there will be more hands ready to help and available once their own homes are secure and their families are safe from the emergency. 

It is being unprepared where problems get bigger than they need to be.  For instance, if residents have food and water storage in their homes for their own families and a little more to share, basic needs can be met. 

Everyone is responsible to outfit their own family and home.  It is not the Bishop’s responsibility to take care of everyone’s basic needs. He does not have access to care for everyone's family. It is the responsibility of each family to prepare for their own needs. Lots of information on this site available.

Giving up weekly entertainment, a vacation, a new car for a time or kids playing fewer sports or being part of extra curricular activities for a short time can move a family forward and be powerful when a family emergency plan is put in place and preparations are made using those funds.  Great satisfaction comes from being prepared to deal with life. When our own home is in order, we are better available to serve others. Otherwise, we are needing to be helped.

Fathers and mothers are responsible for the care and nurture of their children.  Children gain a greater understanding of the the importance of self reliance and personal accountability.  It is an amazing practice of living true principles when a family works together for their own security and long term well being.

The Bishop/EL is the Volunteer Team Leader in a neighborhood emergency event and will assign those whose homes are secure and family is safe to go to an area of the plan where their training and strengths will be needed.  All volunteers must sign in at the Team Leader area they are assigned to help.  Signing in and out is crucial for a Team Leader to know who they are working with.

Volunteers are an important part of the Neighborhood Plan to keep things moving toward rescue and recovery.  Any training residents invest in will be a valuable part of preparing to be ready for any emergency, such as, CERT, Search & Rescue, First Aid Training, CPR Training, HAM Radio Training, Animal Control Training. Neighborhood drills, are so helpful and will be a benefit to the person who is trained where ever they may be when any emergency happens.  Investing in self is a benefit for a lifetime and a blessing to many.

Bishops & Ecclesiatical Leaders
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