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City HAM Radio Club

Updated: May 8

CHARC has been serving the city of Cottonwood Heights for well over a decade, Cottonwood Heights Amateur Radio Club. Because of their efforts, our city's families will be better served through the efforts of Block Captains, Precinct Leaders, Precinct Comms, District Comms are better prepared to transmit information where it needs to be received. Resources may then be sent where they are needed most.

The mobile unit is equipped the same as the city building. This is so that, if needed, the mobile unit can go anywhere in the city it is needed and the city offices will have direct communication with them. They will both have access to the same information. This is a great benefit.

There are many volunteers who have stepped up to serve as they gain, use and fine tune their skills of sending and receiving critical information. CHARC has set up the program used in Shake Out and for all emergencies. The information provided for each District and Precinct to gather their status and transmit up the chain where it will be recorded and will be determined to send resources to. (see pic below).

This amazing radio club has entered into contests nationally and are consistently working on their skills. They have won many awards for their skills.

CHARC meets together often, and welcome newcomers who want to work with them to gain or improve their skills.

Thank You to Carlos for your steady conviction to our city families and leaders. You and your organization are amazing! Thank you for your leadership and dedication to the great families in our city!

There are often local classes held, either in person, or online.  The person in Salt lake who is most familiar with these is Morris Farmer, who often teaches such classes.    He can be reached at:

Here are some links to get you started

Salt Lake Area

Once you have used one of the various methods of preparing for the license exam, this is the place to find out about actually taking the test:



Flash drives/ thumb drives are made for each District and Precinct

*Weekly radio call ins are valuable in learning the skill of communication with a walkie talkie or ham radio.

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