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VOAD What Does it Mean?

Updated: Apr 19

There are many agencies involved in recovery, known as VOAD.

Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster

A few of them are:

The American Red Cross

The Church of Jesus Christ

The Lutheran Church

The Baptist Church

The Salvation Army

These organizations work very closely together regularly.  Each one of them provides specific services during and after a disaster.


Many years ago springtime in our city, the banks of a local creek that ran from the mountains through our city were running over and flooding homes along the way.

The city officials contacted the local church leaders, (it was on a Sunday) asking for volunteers to fill sandbags, deliver them to specific sites and to place them all along the river banks to prevent their spilling over into homes.  Their request was honored as droves of volunteers showed up to help.

It took hours and pretty soon, trucks showed up with water, drinks and sandwiches for the volunteers.  Porta potties were even delivered.

Many people did not go home to change clothing or take their children home from their meeting. There were women there in high heels and church clothes. It is best to prepare for the work that needs to be done and those who were not prepared created a threat for themselves and their children. Take the time necessary to protect and secure your family. Young children are at risk in those kinds of situations and should not be there. Proper clothing and footwear is in best interest. You may also want to include a pr of working gloves to protect your hands.

These organizations are there to offer service to those going through the event and to those helping during and after a disaster.

Some organizations provide meals, clean water, toiletries, mobile showers, mobile laundry facilities and so much more that is needed.

VOAD in action and they are awesome!

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