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Precinct Team

Updated: Apr 19

A Precinct is your neighborhood, or ward area.   It is a geographical area that is connected by roads in close proximity so in the event of an emergency, you can help each other.

Getting to know neighbors, becoming friends and serving one another is the name of the game.

The Precinct Team Overview

What is a Precinct Team? 

A Precinct Team includes a Precinct Leader, Precinct Comms (communications), Block Captains (1 per 6-10 homes in your neighborhood/Precinct) and CERTS (trained CERT Team Members) also, Team Leaders included in your Neighborhood Emergency Plan.

What does a Precinct Leader do? 

Organizes the neighborhood into blocks.  Invites Block Captains, Comms and Team Leaders to join the neighborhood team.  Plans and practices regular communication drills with their Comms, Block Captains and CERTS.  Also, plans and practices the neighborhood emergency plan.

Encourages family preparation and neighborhood gatherings to get to know one another.

A Precinct Leader would benefit greatly by CERT Training, First Aid Training, and CPR.

Precinct Leaders are supported by and become part of their District and City Team.  Our is the Cottonwood Heights City Precinct Leader Team.

We attend Quarterly Precinct Team Training at the Cottonwood Heights City offices where training is provided that will support  Precinct Leaders on  how to use and report the Emergency Ribbon status of their neighbors, setting up a neighborhood cache (emergency supplies), assistance on creating the Precinct Emergency Plan, steps on how to begin emergency training drills and how to layer each area of their plan for yearly drills, such as Shake Out, updates on city news,  CH Neighborhood Watch Training, How to deal with the animals in your neighborhood in the event of an emergency by CH Animal Control, Unified Fire training and instruction on keeping your home and neighborhood safe from area fire potential, District news and to become familiar with emergency plan of the city. Whew, that was a mouthful.

Precinct/Neighborhood Team

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