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Precinct Comms

Updated: Apr 19

The Precinct Comms is the communication specialist in the neighborhood, and is in charge of learning how to use walkie talkies and/or HAM Radio, and then educates and drills with the CERT Teams and Block Captains.  There are classes taught online to obtain a HAM radio license.

You will find helps, charts, scripts here to help you.

It is important for everyone, Block Captains, Precinct Leaders, Precinct Comms and CERTS to have their own walkie talkies. Buying in creates a great feeling of responsibility joining the team.

Having a weekly call in is very helpful in developing the skill of communication with the walkie talkie or HAM Radio. There may be areas of poor reception and that is great knowledge gained by the drills.

 In the event of an emergency the Precinct Comms will:

Set up the Command Post to receive Block Captain Reporting and send it to the city and receive information from the city.


Precinct Comms Duties.........

Prepare and secure your own household first.

Become trained on walkie talkies/HAM, then train your Block Captains and CERTS.

CERT Training is a great foundation, Consider HAM Radio Training.

Plan a day and time with your Precinct Leader to hold your weekly drill.

You are over communication to and from your Precinct. Including education and drills with your Block Captains and CERTS. (see BC Reporting Roster)

Plan for and execute practice drills (ShakeOut) in your neighborhood, include neighbors putting out one of their Emergency Ribbons to report their status. Block Captains will report what is happening on their block. When that information is gathered, you send that information to your District Comms. They will send it to the City where it will be clear as to where First Responders will be dispatched.

*In the event of a true emergency, the Precinct Comms and the Precinct Leader will set up the Precinct Command Post. (After all leadership has secured their own homes and families). Then the Precinct Comms will dispatch CERTS , BC's to the needed areas as status comes in of the Emergency Ribbons status from each home. One thing that is true is "Practice conquers fear". Consider executing a few drills that will give your team experience.

As you drill in your area, (weekly, monthly, what ever works for you), take note and record with Block Captains and CERTS the best and worst reception areas of your neighborhood,. *Take Note and let all BC and CERTS know where NOT to transmit from

Attend periodic Precinct Block Captain Team Training, if offered

Know your Team...Precinct Leader, Block Captains, CERTS

Remember....In an emergency

  1. Take Care of your own household first (when they are safe)

  2. Plan to set up your Neighborhood Command Post/Communications with your Precinct Leader, to dispatch CERTS, receive Block Captain and CERT reporting status that you will send to the City (First Responders), and receive instructions from the City (First Responders). Also to request assistance from or to give assistance to a neighboring precinct

  3. Be prepared to hand over responsibility and reports to the First Responders

Precinct Comms Duties

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