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Organizing your Neighborhood/Precincts into Blocks

Updated: Apr 19

This part is fun.  

Obtain an overhead map of your neighborhood from Google Maps or your City GIS person or any other source you may have.  Hopefully it will show the roads, addresses of each home and the boundary of your neighborhood.

Like this example

*Just a note of what we learned.  The first time we divided into blocks, each block captain had the responsibility of 10-15 homes.  We found that it was too many homes per block captain.

We started over on a clean map so that each block captain had 6-10 homes in their line of sight.  This was perfect.

Divide your neighborhood into blocks, assign each block a number

Like this example

Then, think about the people in each block of your neighborhood.  Pick a person or a couple that live in each of block that you would like to work with, and who may enjoy serving their neighbors.

Make a phone call or visit to each of those block homes to invite them to join your Precinct Emergency Team as a Block Captain. You will want to share information of what the position entails.

As you make progress growing your team, make a list of your Block Captains, their block captain #, phone # and e-mail address.  You will need this information to pass along the things you are learning for them to share with their neighbors. This is the process of how we get information to all of our neighbors. A regularly scheduled communication drill for Block Captains is next. Check out Block Captain Responsibilities next.


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