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District/ Stake/Ecclesiastical Leaders

Updated: May 9

The District/Stake/Ecclesiastical Leaders carry a big responsibility for the spiritual well-being of the members of their District/Stake/Area.  This is a very serious responsibility.  They encourage members, neighbors and friends to continue their long term self-reliant preparations and also encourage participation in the City’s Yearly Shake Out Exercise

Self Reliance is encouraged in all areas of preparation.  The more prepared families are, the less chaos is likely to occur.  Self Reliance produces confidence through making preparations for one’s own home and family as skills are introduced and practiced.  Sharing this information with our neighbors and friends creates a sense of caring and friendship which is good for everyone.

The District/Stake/Area Leaders work closely with the District Liaison and District Comms to know the District, Church and City Plan for any kind of natural or man made disaster or other emergency stretching over large areas. (Stake is a large area of several neighborhoods).

In preparation for these kinds of scenarios, the District/Stake/Ecclesiastical Leaders have a working relationship with the District Comms and District Liaison so current information is exchanged.

In an emergency……

After their family and home is secure the Stake/District/Area Leader will be at the Command Post with the District Liaison and District Comms where communication with the Precinct/ Ecclesiastical Leaders as information will come through radio communication from Precinct Comms.

The District Comms communicates with the Bishop’s Storehouse, City and Precinct Comms regularly before any kind of emergency so their skills are strong in the event of an actual emergency.

The District/Stake/Area Leaders will be busy gathering information through the District Comms from other agencies of unforeseen issues that come with natural and man made disasters, while the District Comms and District Liaison closely watch and report information as well from the Precincts to the City and back through HAM Radio transmission. 

The District/Stake/Ecclesiastical Leader Team work together in their decision making and the District Comms is responsible for clear transmission of all information.


District/Stake Presidency & Ecclesiastical Leaders

District Stake Presidency & Ecclesiastical Leaders
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