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Cottonwood Heights City Public Works

Updated: Apr 19

The new kid on the block is doing good things.  Cottonwood Heights City has their own Public Works Dept.  During 2016-2017, a new fleet of snowplows made CH it’s home.  Drivers were trained and

it was a much improved winter as roads were cleared for residents, most snowy days went smoothly and efficiently.

In March 2017, with the possibility of local flooding waters from Little Cottonwood, our public works dept were on it.  A service day was planned and several sandbag stations were built instructed by the public works dept guys and amazing volunteers from our city the job was completed. 

These sandbag stations have a great design and will make it simple for people of many sizes to fill them quickly and efficiently as they work together, filling and tying them closed.

There will be heavy equipment there loading the bags onto pallets and into trucks.  Great planning for the Public Works Dept. to be organized and efficient.

The Cottonwood Heights City Emergency Management Team may plan for two areas to be used as sandbag filling locations for all volunteers to go fill sandbags if/when the call goes out for springtime flooding.  Stay informed through the monthly newspapers of the addresses.

If you receive a call to help fill sandbags and you want to volunteer (we love volunteers )

Here are a few reminders: 

Please leave small children at home as the sites will have moving cars, trucks and heavy equipment

Dress appropriately to fill sandbags 

Jeans and t-shirts (work clothes)

 A sweatshirt, if needed

Close toed shoes


A shovel if you have one

A water bottle for yourself

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