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CERT Training

Updated: Apr 19

We have used the CERT Training Program (Citizens Emergency Response Team).  And that is what you will find on this website.  Your local fire department is generally responsible to teach the course to those who are interested in community service. Many updates have made it more accessible.

The CERT Training Course has changed, much of the training is done online and your local city is responsible to hold the hands on classes. Check with them to see when the next class will be offered.

There is a link below for the online portion of the CERT Training Course. This course is extremely valuable as it teaches basic and expanded skills of working together in search and rescue. At a time when we must all work together in the event of an emergency, which can happen any time, knowing and practicing these skills can be the difference for family, neighbors and friends in your neighborhood and beyond as you may experience an emergency in your travels that you can help through your training for those in need.

Cottonwood Heights City Offices 801-944-7000 for info on CERT Training

Check with your City to see when they are offering the CERT Course.

Also, for Sandy residents, register  for a CERT Training Course through

*Get your CERT Training and join your Neighborhood/Precinct Team

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