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Walkie Talkie Usage Tips

Updated: Apr 19

Most walkie talkies have the capability of both FRS/GMRS channels available and are great to use in many different situations. The FRS (Family Radio Service) or walkie talkie/2 way radio allows is a lower power output and include channels 8-15 and doesn’t have the capacity for higher power channels. Check out different channels to find which works best for your area.

 Listen Closely

  •  Wait till channel is clear

  •  Speak only if necessary

  •  Think what you are going to precise

  •  Keep it brief

  •  Use plain language

  •  Use echo method-repeat back what you heard to verify

  •  Use This identify yourself

  •  Speak slowly and clearly to transmit your information

  • Consider the scribe on the other end

  •  No slang or jargon, use pro-words instead

  • Use Pro-Word

This is ……identifies who is about to talk

  • Over……message is complete from the other end and it is your turn to speak

  • Go Ahead… are ready for the other person to speak

  • Roger……you received the last message

  • Out… are done and expect no relay


  • The call: “Block Captain 10, This is Precinct 3, Over”

  • The answer: “ This is Block Captain 10, Go Ahead”

  • The response: “ Contact Medical on channel one four, Over”

  • The acknowledgement: “Block Captain 10 changing to one four for Medical contact, Roger, Out”

** The Precinct Communications Specialist used “THIS IS” to identify himself and “OVER”, he expects a reply.

**The answering Block Captain 10 said “THIS IS” followed by his call sign “BLOCK CAPTAIN TEN”, then acknowledged he was listening and ready to receive by using the pro-words “GO AHEAD”.

**The Precinct Communications Specialist instructed Block Captain Ten to contact the medical team on another channel – channel number 14. (Spoken as “ONE FOUR” not “FOURTEEN” – this is clearer) The pro-word “OVER” was used to indicate that the transmission ended and he expected a reply.

**Block Captain 10 acknowledges by repeating the command he is following, “BLOCK CAPTAIN TEN CHANGING TO ONE FOUR FOR MEDICAL CONTACT”.  He uses the pro-word “ROGER” to communicate that he received and understood the message.  “OUT” meaning he’s done and does not expect a reply.

  •  FRS Channels 8-14

  • GMRS Channels 1-7, 15 and up –Requires FCC License

  • Consider Geography when you are considering your radio choice

  • Stay on main channel – DO NOT USE PRIVACY CODES – separates user from network

  • Push to talk / PTT button on side of radio

  • Communication PTT button pause, talk, pause, let go of PTT to listen (pause accounts for delay of radio)

  • Hold radio with antenna up (signal is plate like, side to side not up and down) and 4-5 inches away from the side of the face

Walkie Talkie_Radio Basics
Download PDF • 68KB

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