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Simple Directions for Sprouting Seeds/Grains/Wheatgrass in Soil

Updated: Apr 19

Simple Directions for Sprouting Seeds/Grains/Wheatgrass in Soil 

  • Soil Preparation:

  • Super Soil Potting Mix from Home Depot 50%, Peat Moss 50% mixed together. 

  • Trays: A 17 X 17 “tray will provide 8 oz wheatgrass with 2 cups wheat berries, sunflower seeds, buckwheat, peas  

  • Wash all trays with bleach and rinse between harvests.

  • Use newspaper to prevent the soil from falling out of the holes in your trays.

  • Seeds/wheat berries will be ready in 7 days.  Organic seeds are the best to use (be sure they are obtained from a reputable distributor as many fields have fungus and it will transmit thru to your finished product.

  • Rinse and soak your seeds/wheat berries for at least 8-12 hours to ignite the life in them.  (You may add 1 T kelp to your soak water and it adds trace elements and iodine while strengthening them. After soaking for 8-12 hours, drain and rinse them off.)

  • Fill your trays with your soil mixture and flatten the soil with another tray on top to make it even.

  • Spread the seeds/ grain/wheat berries and spray generously with a fine spray bottle so the soil is moist.

  • Cover with a turned over tray on top or newspaper.

  • Let sit for 3 days in a dark area away from the sunshine so it will sprout, watering when needed.  Don’t let it dry out.

  • After 3 days, take off the top tray or newspaper and water, drain again.

  • Now place near a window and watch them grow.

  • Be sure the soil is not soggy, instead it must be well drained and slightly moist.

  • When wheatgrass splits into two blades - It’s ready to juice.

  • When sunflowers sprouts begin a third leaf - It’s ready to eat.

  • When buckwheat is about 3” or longer - It’s ready.

  • The hulls will fall off as they grow, or you can pull them off.

  • After cutting, rinse in a colander and let dry on a towel before you put them in a glass dish with a lid or a plastic bag in the refrigerator. Don’t rinse your wheatgrass until ready to use, then be sure to dry it between paper towels or on a kitchen towel before juicing. (no need to wash it for storage in the refrigerator)

  • Use in 7-8 days.

  • If wheatgrass begins to yellow, toss it.

  • Sometimes sprouts will last longer, make sure it is not soggy or brown, if so, toss it.

  • Sprouts are great for snacks, soup toppers and salads.

Planting Wheatgrass Outdoors

  • If planting outdoors in your garden, set a barrier with bricks, rocks etc., nursery size tray area works or larger if you are brave.

  • Two cups of seed is the same as above for the amount you want to grow about 17” X 17” area.

  • After soaking, draining and rinsing your seeds/grain, sprinkle on the soil area designated.

  • Cover with a thin layer of dirt and water in gently.

  • Don’t let it dry out.

  • Watch for when the second blade splits and you know it is ready for cutting.

  • Cut same as above, you will get two cuttings out of it.

  • Put it in a plastic bag into the refrigerator or cut fresh every day, by the time you get to the end, it may be time for the second cutting.

  • Have some fun and expand it according to your juicing schedule.

  • After 2 cuttings, it gets super fibrous, like a full grown wheat stalk and you must pull it out.

  • Consider composting it.

  • Begin again.

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