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Loaded Oatmeal Breakfast

Updated: Apr 19

Who doesn’t love oatmeal?  This recipe is so YUMMY! And you can switch the fruit, nuts and try raisins and chia seeds.  Switch out for coconut milk instead of almond milk.   So many combinations you will not tire from the Loaded Oatmeal Breakfast.  Enjoy making your own creation.

This is a recipe that will fill you up and take you through the morning until lunch feeling satisfied.  No opening the fridge or pantry or looking in your lunch box or heading to the vending machine for something to get you to lunch.

Make enough to get you through a couple of days to save time in the morning.  Just soak the oats either during the day or while you’re asleep.  In a large mason jar, put your oat groats enough spring or distilled water doubled the amount of your groats you choose to prepare.

Pour out the soak water and rinse with fresh water after 8 hours.   In a saucepan, put your soaked groats and double the amount of water.  Cook for about 20 min on a low simmer, until soft.  Then build your loaded oatmeal breakfast.

Glass bowls with plastic lids or mason jars are perfect to store in the fridge your cooked groats ready for the next day.

Loaded Oatmeal Breakfast

½ c cooked oat groats (soaked, rinsed and cooked on low heat)

1 banana, sliced

1 apple, chunked

2 T walnuts

2 T cranberries

½ c almond milk

2 t of pure maple syrup drizzled over the top

A sprinkle of cinnamon and ground flax seeds. 

Eat and enjoy!

Opt. Add a tablespoon of ghee, coconut oil, or butter to smooth it out and make it even more creamy.  Love those good fats!

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