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Grow Wheatgrass Indoors

Updated: Apr 19

Grow wheatgrass indoors and place in or by your window.

Purchase two trays the same size

Drill holes in one, then place newspaper inside so the soil doesn’t fall through the holes.

Add topsoil, then add soaked wheatberries, (for this one, it was about ½ cup) sprinkled on top of the topsoil.

Cut a 3 “ piece of 1 “ PVC pipe, then cut in half so that the top tray has some air circulating between the two trays

Place the PVC pipe in the bottom tray open side down and place your filled tray on top

Water in well and let drain in your sink, then place on the lower tray for drainage.

Cover wheatberries with newspaper or a paper towel for a couple of days until they sprout.

Water again, but do not soak them.

In about 8 days you will have wheatgrass

Cut it and enjoy!

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