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Eggshells in the Garden

Updated: Apr 19

Eggshells in the Garden

Eggshells are amazing in the garden adding calcium to your soil as it breaks down and also for soft bodied insect repellent as they will not approach your veggies as they would have to go over pretty sharp edges for lunch.


Rinse your eggshells and let them dry on a paper towel.  You may want to collect lots of them for a bit in a jar for composting on your countertop.  Make sure not to add other food scraps on top of them for this process

When you are ready to use them, empty them out on a large cookie sheet and with a rolling pin, crush them small, but not powder

Put them in a small container and head out to the garden

Sprinkle in the areas you are planting and cultivate it under

Now you are ready to plant!

And if you have already planted, sprinkle gently and cultivate around the plants.

Don’t be afraid to add more, if needed

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