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District Comms

Updated: May 9

The District Communication Team is the most critical of positions to fill. It is where all the information from the District Precincts are gathered to send to the city. They will also receive information from the city to pass along to the Precincts

District Comms are very competent, dependable individuals willing to learn and work with others. Their responsibilities are to teach their District of Precinct Comms and Precinct Leaders about communication. Proper use of their walkie talkies and also the information that needs to be transmitted for practice events like Shake Out

Practice is the best way to identify where more training is needed and to find issues with equipment, transmission holes and to get the procedures down. A consistently scheduled call in drill is a great way to develop and sharpen transmission skills and to keep familiar with the equipment

The District Comms will need to have their HAM Radio Certificate and is encouraged to join the local HAM Radio Club so that they create a comfortable working relationship and to receive training from the club

The HAM Radio Club in Cottonwood Heights is CHARC

The District Comms will be trained and will drill with their local HAM Radio Club to sharpen their skills and to become familiar with the equipment and challenges that come up from time to time with HAM Radio transmission

A great working relationship will be the result of learning, drilling and growing their organizations together. It is so rewarding to see people feel confident with their newly found skill as they are used

The District Comms may also have opportunity to work with the city GIS Specialist as they prepare for large citywide practice events like Shake Out. The GIS Specialist in Cottonwood Heights creates maps all spreadsheets for Districts, Precincts and Block Captains

The District Comms works closely with the District Liaison and also the District/Stake Presidency to keep them updated on the training status of the Precincts. In an emergency, they will all gather together to make pertinent decisions and to receive and send critical data concerning their District

District Comms Duties


District Comms Duties
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