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Why Do We Need a Grab-N-Go Bag?

Updated: Apr 19

When the emergency happens, it is too late to prepare

There are so many calamities in the world happening now and actually, this has been the case for every generation.  It is the process of experiencing life on this planet.  It is the experience of us learning to take care of ourselves for whatever may come our way.

Caring for yourself, your family and your pet’s needs for any emergency is essential should you choose to be self-reliant.

Note* Being self-reliant means you are prepared to stay in your home because you have prepared.

You have your supplies, (food, water, supplies to heat, light and cook in your home for a period of time) and you have a Grab ‘n Go Bag for every member of your family so that if you must leave for any reason, you can.   

The choices are:

  1. Take care of yourself 

  2. Hope that someone else will take care of you. 

With that said, if you choose to take care of yourself, you are making the choices of what supplies you will have to work with.

If you choose for someone else to take care of you, you give the choice to them to take care of you ……..or not. 

In the event of a major disaster, such as an earthquake, fire or flood, the Fire Dept, Police, and Public Services must follow their priority requirements to government, public utilities, transportation, hospitals, schools, etc, first.

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