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What If You Are at Work When an Emergency Happens?

Updated: Apr 19

Read your company’s emergency and evacuation plan.  Learn what to do and where to meet after an emergency. Practice as a group and individually.   Think about what you would do in certain situations! Always evaluate your surroundings after an emergency to make the best choice of how to precede.

Getting to a safe place during and after an emergency will depend on you knowing where exit routes, stairways, fire extinguishers, and medical kits are located.  Learn and know the company plan.

Having a Grab ‘n Go Bag for the office is a wise choice since you never know when an emergency will happen, like an earthquake, flood, fire, chemical spill etc.

Being able to grab a bag that has a few supplies for your use to stay put or to leave quickly can do much for your confidence, peace and comfort.

In your bag, you may want to have a good pair of walking shoes and socks, an extra pair of glasses (if you wear them), emergency phone numbers (also in your wallet), a battery bank phone charger and cord, out of state contact information, health information, extra medication, protein bars, freeze dried pouches, water, paper and pencil, a mini first aid kit, some extra money, a flashlight and batteries, or a head lamp, and your emergency plan to contact your loved ones and to get home.

Be sure to keep the area under your desk free of wastepaper baskets and clutter since this area may be home for a short time for you.

Don’t count on being able to make it home anytime soon if something big happens, store additional supplies in your car and be sure to rotate those supplies.

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