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To Flee in a FLASH check list

Updated: Apr 25

We never know when an emergency will happen. Having your plan and preparations made ahead of time takes much of the chaos out of the experience. Place this check list in a place where you will see it in your comings and goings. Then during an experience, when emotions are at a high, you can gather supplies in an orderly fashion and get on your way. I have had this list by my back door for many, many years. It gives me peace, knowing if and when an emergency happens, there is a place I can look to get my attention and help me with the next step.

 Create order beforehand.

To Flee in a FLASH Check List


*Make sure everyone in your home gets out of the house safely, as per your family plan, KNOW WHERE to meet up and WHO to contact

*Grab ‘n Go Kits and Water

*Sleeping Bags, Tarp

*Pet, Food, Leash, Carrier

*Pictures - Flash Drive or External Hard Drive

*Documents, Insurance #’s, Bank #’s, Emergency Phone #’s (Keep Originals in a Waterproof, Fireproof Lock Box, or flash drive)

*Remedies, Prescriptions, Consecrated Oil, Supplements, Essential Oils, Small Ice Chest with Frozen Gel Pack (Freezer)

*Purse, Cash, Credit Cards, Phone & Charger, Camera, Phone #’s

*Baby Supplies, Food, Formula, Diapers & Wipes, Clothes, Toys, Blanket



*Favorite Book, Paper and Pencil

*Personal Protection

*Radio- Battery Powered, Solar or Wind Up

*Fuel in Car, Keep it at ½ Tank AT ALL TIMES! Keep Up Your Vehicle’s  Maintenance!

*Keep Car Stocked with Extra Food and Water, First Aid Supplies, Jumper Cables, Tools, Flashlight, Blanket, Umbrella

*KSL Radio 1160 AM is the # for Emergency Information for the SL and surrounding Utah Area

*Walkie Talkies, CB Radio, HAM radio, Satellite phone and recharging equipment

To Flee in a Flash Check Llist

To Flee in A Flash Check List-2
Download PDF • 92KB

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