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Secure Your Water Heater

Updated: May 9

Be sure to take the project on of securing your water heater.  It is a simple project and one that will give you peace once it is done. 

Shaking of the ground may cause a water heater to tip over if it is not secured to the wall or ceiling joist, which on crashing to the ground may cause a fire, adding to the already stressful event.   Natural gas escaping from broken pipes when a water heater falls over just adds another dangerous element to the event.

Chains may also be used, as they are sturdy and can be counted on as long as they don’t stay wet and/or have rust on them.  Straps are another option.  This is a simple project and one that must be done in every home.  Share this information with your family, friends and neighbors.  There may be loved ones you can make a difference for as you tackle the project with or for them as well. 

Everyone sleeps more sound as simple projects are completed and checked off the list.

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