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Pet First Aid Kit

Updated: Apr 19

This will take care of your pet for the first 5 days, basics only.  You may want to add the extras they are used to. A first aid kit containing the following items:

  • Five-day supply of any medications or vitamins your pet is used to

  • Make sure your pet has their collar and tags. Some pet owners chip their animals at a local Vet Clinic

  • Leash, comfort toys

  • Pet first aid manual

  • Names, addresses, telephone numbers of yourself, and out of state contact.  Also, your local vet offices, including 24-hour clinic.

  • Tape, Scissors, Antibacterial soap, Hydrogen Peroxide

  • A two-week supply of regular food.  (Upsets to their regular schedule may create digestive upsets as well)

  • Anything else you can think of that will bring comfort to your pet

Be prepared to calm them down by having the things they love and are comforted by.

Pet First Aid Kit

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