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Office Preparation

Updated: Apr 19

  • Read your company's evacuation plan and where to meet after an emergency. Practice!

  • Know where exit routes, stairways, fire extinguishers, and medical kits are located.

  • Assemble supplies in a single pack and have them stored by your desk, along with a good pair of walking shoes and socks.

  • Carry a list of important phone #'s in your wallet.

  • Include a cell phone charger and cord.

  • Flashlight or headlamp.

  • Snacks, water.

  • Keep the area under your desk free of waste-paper baskets, etc. since this 6 square foot area might be home for you for a few traumatic moments.

  If you are at your desk when something happens, don't count on being able to make it back home any time soon.  You may want to store additional supplies in your car. (Keep a pr of boots and a coat in your car-wintertime).

Office Grab 'n Go

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