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Individual Grab-N-Go List

Updated: Apr 19

Grab ‘n Go Kit


Gather a change of clothing – comfortable clothes and shoes, socks, and underwear for a few days

              Jacket or sweatshirt, hat (beanie)

               Pocket rain coat

              All clothing in a zip lock bags

Toiletries   (Put in a plastic bag so it is all together)

              Hand towel and washcloth


              Toothbrush, paste, floss



              Make-up (makes you feel better)

              Hairbrush, comb, shampoo

              Deodorant, Lotion

              Toilet paper, handkerchief or small pkg. Kleenex

              Wet wipes

First Aid Kit (Put in a plastic bag so it is all together)

              Band- aids (many sizes)

              Sterile pads (many Sizes)

              4-5 pkgs of rolled gauze

              First aid tape

              Large handkerchief (to use a sling etc)

              Smelling salts



              Pins (various sizes)

              Sterile Gloves

              N-99 Masks

              Extra Plastic Bags

              First Aid Instruction Book

              Your personal medical information (what meds you are on and the dosages)

              Neosporin, First Aid Cream

              Duct Tape

              Essential oils (if you use them) 

              Homeopathic remedies, ( if you use them)

              Put in extra meds (make sure to rotate them)

Grab ‘n Go Kit

Other Equipment or supplies

              Can opener (if you have cans in your kit)

              Pocketknife (Multi – function)

              Strong rope (100 ft)

              Leather Gloves

              Ground Cover/Tarp/Clips (to make into a shelter, if needed)

              Sleeping Bag


              Collapsible Cooking Stove and Fuel

              Waterproof matches

              Utensils, Plates, Cups, Cooking or heating pot (Scout mess kit size)

              Whistle w/lanyard

              Flashlight w/extra batteries, or Solar powered or both (store batteries separately in a plastic bag)

              Head Lamp

              Small radio w/extra batteries or wind up (Store batteries separate)

(KSL Radio  1160 AM for all Emergency Updates)

              Notebook, pen, pencil, book to read, crossword puzzles, envelopes, stamps, etc. (In a gallon size plastic bag)


              Pictures of loved ones, pets (in plastic bags)

              Copy of pet’s vaccinations, contact info where chipped

              Personal Contact Phone #’s (inc. out of state contact too)

              Flash drive or copies of important documents (insurance #’s, Dr #’s)

      (Keep on your person at all times)

              Folding Shovel


              Cash in small bills and coins ($25.00)


*Enough for 5 days (Ideas)

              Canned or packaged tuna, salmon

              Packaged nut butters


              Freeze Dried Meals

              Dried Fruit

              Energy Bars

              Emergen-C (to replace electrolytes)

              Nuts, Seeds (Must be changed out every 6 months)


              Can Opener if you have canned foods or flip top cans

              Small containers of fruit

              Enough dish soap to wash your dishes

              Cloths and towels to clean-up


              At least 1 gallon of water right by your Grab ‘n Go Kit

              Water Bottle

              Water Filter

Grab 'n Go List

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