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Grab-N-Go Bag Kids at School w/List

Updated: Apr 19

We never know when our children may be stranded at school after hours for any kind of emergency, like storms, chemical spill, earthquake etc. Having a small back pack that reminds them of home can give them great comfort. Hopefully, there will be a place at school they can keep their bag, a closet, locker, etc. Check with their teacher to see if there is a place for safe storage. If not, make sure they learn your family plan, contact information and their health info. just to be on the safe side.

Grab n’ Go Bag Kids at School


         Their Name (on or in the bag)

         Protein Bars

         Nuts, seeds

         Nut butters w/ crackers

         Water bottles

         Family Contact List

         Family Photo

         Out of State Contact List

         Allergy or Health Information

         Mini First Aid Kit

         Small pk Kleenex

         Small Book or Toy

         Pair of Extra Glasses (if they wear them)

         Pair of walking shoes and socks

         Paper, Pen or Pencils

         Your Family Plan

Grab n' Go Bag Kids at School List

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