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Family Emergency Checklist

Updated: Apr 19

Family Emergency Checklist

It is so comforting to create and discuss a Family Emergency Checklist. Present it and put it in a place where you will see it to remind yourself to get the steps accomplished one at a time. It may take up to a year or longer to get it done. You will feel accomplished and comforted knowing you have your plan and are working it as a family. It will bring your family closer and will let your children know you value preparation of your home and family. Preparation is key. It produces the skill of looking forward to the future with faith, comfort, unity and excitement.

Following are steps to help you GET READY.

  • Develop and Practice your Family Home Evacuation Plan

  • Grab ‘n Go Kit for every person in your home (rotate food) 

  • 72 second kit-under every person’s bed in the home

  • Work on your emergency food storage supply (rotate it)

  • Preparations made for Shelter-in-Place kit.

  • Know where turn off valves and vents are in and outside your home.

  • Secure your water heater, heavy furniture, shelves and pictures in place.

  • Take inventory and know the location of items and documents of importance, store them in the same place for convenience in an expandable folder, file, or drawer in separate files.

  • Equip and maintain your car.

  • Grab 'n Go kits for work, school and vehicles.

  • Practice powerless food preparation heating, lighting and laundry for short periods of time

  • Grab ‘n Go Kit for pets, First Aid Kit for your pet.

  • Plan and save for financial insecurity.

  • Support your own health, exercise, sleep, food, water, sunshine, and be sure to nurture your relationships. 

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