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Ella Mae Clothespin Bag

Updated: Apr 19

Made from an old pair of jeans with belt loops

With a pair of clean washed jeans.

Lay jeans on a flat surface, front of jeans upward. The front will be lower than the back. Pin above the crotch seam connecting the front and back. Cut the legs off above the crotch. Turn inside out, pin and

serge across jeans from one side to the other creating a bag. Or stitch straight across and then zig- zag back across to reinforce the seam. Use the cut off legs of the jeans to use for patches.

Turn right side out and fill it up with your clothes pins, (wood ones work best).

Measure clothesline that you have tied around your waist leaving at least 24" on each side. Knot the ends and thread through the belt hoops. Put the clothespins in and cinch up to hold pins inside when not in use.

When ready to use, pull the rope out of the front loops, tie around your waist, and now you have a pouch tied on.  If you can think of anything else that would be beneficial to your family-add it.

                              Ideas include a small wash board, wringer, 2 tubs, etc.

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