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City Shake Out Preparation

Updated: Apr 19

As a city, we have been practicing together for several years. Households, Block Captains, Precinct Leaders, District Leaders, Precinct Comms, District Comms, GIS, CHARC operators (Cottonwood Heights Amateur Radio Club), City Officers, Police Dept. We continue to grow and learn as more and more households join us.

We hold our Shake Out Drills every Year in the Spring where we invite all of our city households to participate by sending out flyers to remind them to put out their Emergency Ribbons on the specified date and time.

Precincts are provided block maps from the GIS Specialist at the city for their Block Captains to record status information of the households in their block. They radio the information from each household on their block to the Precinct Comms. The Precinct Comms is provided a flash drive of the computer program from CHARC. The Precinct Comms loads all the information into the program from the Block Captains and then radios the Emergency Ribbon status of each home to the District Comms.

The District Comms sends the information to the City where there is a large screen of the city. It lights up as the status information comes in from all around the city. There is also a mobile unit that gathers the same information. (See the article on the Mobile Incident Command).

It is amazing! Our Police and Fire Dept, First Responders will be sent to the areas hit the hardest.

Shake Out Flyer

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