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Kids Grab-N-Go

Updated: Apr 22

All family members need a Grab 'n Go bag prepared for a quick emergency get away. It is important to change out food, medication and clothing as they grow. Once a year works. Set a yearly date that everyone in the family changes out their packs.

Many have planned a family activity where everyone empties their bag, prepares and eats the food and snacks in it, checks to see if the clothing still fits, then re-packs with updated supplies, food and clothing. Rotate out the toothpaste, lotion, chapstick and diapers, wet wipes, etc.

When kids take part in the activity, they learn skills, what foods they like, how to prepare and pack it. They make the experience theirs and see the value of preparation, it helps them take ownership and responsibility.

Here are some ideas and a pdf list follows

A backpack, duffle bag or tote bag stored for quick access containing:

Jacket (hat, gloves)

           Sweater, sweatshirt, pants

           3 pr socks, shoes or boots

           Small blanket

           Coloring books, pad of paper

           Crayons, color pencils

           Reading books

           Small stuffed animal

           Flashlight and extra batteries


           Family picture, laminated

           Contact information (Include name and phone # of out of state contact)

           Health concerns info Freeze dried food pouches



Zip top bag items for backpack:

           Emergency poncho

           Hand warmer

           Washcloth, hand towel

           Sterile pads to clean cuts

           Nail clippers

           Safety pins

           Whistle w/lanyard

           Variety size bandages

Trial sizes of the following:

           Toothpaste, toothbrush




           Wet Wipes

           Shampoo, conditioner


           Brush, comb

Additional items for baby:



           Diapers, wipes

           Small toys

Grab 'n Go Kids

Child Grab ‘n Go Bag List
Download PDF • 52KB

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