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Check and Secure Your Home First

Updated: Apr 19

After an Earthquake, Check And Secure Your Home First

If you are in nightclothes, pull your 72 second kit (jeans, shirt, sweatshirt, socks, boots or shoes,  leather, gloves, flashlight or headlamp) out from under the bed and get dressed quickly. On your way out of the house, notice damage severity to your home. Locate family members or roommates and pets, go outside in your meeting area until aftershocks are over.  

Check to make sure all your family, household is safe and take note of the obvious damages. Place the Emergency Ribbon pertaining to your situation on a doorknob, lamp post or fence so your block captain may see it.


Check on:

  • Water heater to make sure it is upright (you may need to turn off the gas to your home if it has tipped over)   DO NOT LIGHT ANY FLAMES OF ANY KIND IF IT HAS TIPPED OVER!   GET OUT OF THE HOUSE, TURN OFF THE GAS TO YOUR HOME! 

  •  Broken pipes to see if you need to turn off your water  

  •  Electrical panel  to see if you need to turn off the power to your home

  •  Check the foundation of your home for cracks, inspect the chimney  

  •  Take photos of damage if possible

Place the Emergency Ribbon that applies to your situation out for your Block Captain to report.     

*If you are a Block Captain, and your family, home and pets are secure 

Look for and report your block's emergency ribbon status to the Precinct Comms  

Get your pack, helmet, vest and gloves   

Report to your Precinct (Neighborhood) Staging area for dispatch or to volunteer to be on one of your neighborhood emergency teams

If your family needs you and needs help, pass that information to your block captain by choosing to put the appropriate colored ribbon out for your block captain to report.

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