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Basic Car Emergency Check Preparation and List

Updated: Apr 9

Do you have an Emergency Kit for your Vehicle? Vehicle preparation is a must! Think about this…………….. It’s 11:30 p.m. you’re driving alone on a country road. It is getting dark and you are passing through a place that is desolate. Do you have the supplies and equipment in the car in case your car broke down or you had some kind of accident? 

Even if you are at home when a disaster strikes, and your home is well stocked, you may still need the supplies in your car. Your house may not be safe to enter, or may catch fire after a disaster strikes. Keep it mechanically soundand pay close attention to the exhaust system. A leaking exhaust system could kill.

Always keep your gas tank full! Fill it when it reaches ½ a tank. You will thank yourself the first time you are stuck in a traffic jam or in bad weather.

Think of your car’s trunk as a big steel supply cabinet. Keep your supplies in the trunk along with other items like tools, jumper cables and a spare tire, food and water.

Keep supplies in the car in the event of an emergency (First Aid Kit, dehydrated food packs, water, water filtration capability, canned heat, matches or lighter, extra clothing, shovel, rain gear, umbrella, extra coins and small bills, boots, toilet paper, portable john, feminine and baby products and supplies, if applicable).

Replace your battery every 2-3 years. In an emergency, your car battery will need to run the radio and heater for extended periods.

 Have a mechanic check the following items on your car to keep it ready




Wipers and windshield washer fluid

Ignition system


Lights and flashing hazard

Exhaust system




Tires  (Make sure the tires have adequate tread/ Rotate your tires)

Being prepared will give you peace of mind. Here are some ideas.

Basic Car Emergency Kit List

12-ft jumper cable (heavy gauge)                           Pump

       Four 15-minute roadside flares                               Can of Fix -A- Flat

       Light sticks                                                                Tire inflator

       Matches                                                                     Tire pressure gauge

       Lighter                                                                       Roll of duct tape

       Emergency Roadside Triangles                                Small fire extinguisher

       Extra fuses                                                                  HELP sign

       Emergency radio                                                        Pen & Paper

       Solar/emergency charger                                         Rags

       Tow rope/chain 

 Your Tool Bag includes:

       Flat head screwdrivers                                              Phillips head screwdrivers                                                         Vise grips        Pliers

       Adjustable wrench                                                     Wire cutters

       Saw                                                                           Wire brush

 Place Under The Front Seats:

       Escape hammer                                                         Flashlight, headlamp or both

       Window scraper                                                  Extra batteries

       Scraper w/brush

In the trunk:

       Blanket                                                                       Two qts of oil

       Small shovel                                                                Bottled water


 Your First Aid Kit: 

       Assortment of bandages                                         Several rolls of gauze

       Adhesive tape                                                            Antiseptic cream

       Instant ice and heat compresses                            Scissors

       Ibuprophen                                                                 Bandanas for slings

       Essential Oils (First Aid) OPT                                roll of paper towels

       Quick Clot                                                                 Neosporin

       Sterile Water                                                              Wet wipes

       Safety pins, ace bandages                                        Urinal/ toilet paper 

       Feminine hygiene supplies (women)                      Extra Diapers (babies)

Grab ‘n Go Car Bag:

       Leatherman/pocket knife                                          Bottled water/small filter

       Shoes/socks/ or boots                                      Coat/hat/gloves/poncho/rain gear

       Compass                                                                       Rope (50’)

       Energy bars/freeze dried food pouches/nuts         $25.00 worth bills and change

       Head lamp for hands free                                           Solar powered phone charger* (opt)

Basic Car Emergency Kit Check List
Download PDF • 54KB

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