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Alternative Cooking

Updated: Apr 19

So it is afternoon and your power goes out.  Of course you have been running errands and taking the kiddos to lessons and were planning to make dinner when you got home.  Well tonight will be ok because you can hit the local fast food restaurant along with the rest of your neighborhood or......

you can pull out your Dutch oven and make a yummy dinner along with the fresh veggies from your garden you can make a great salad.  Hooray!

Being prepared makes the difference in everything, you have a choice, without are at the mercy of others and what they want to give you. Hmmmmmmm.

Ok, with that said, let's look at the options for alternative cooking equipment.

Dutch Ovens

Sportsmans Warehouse here

Sheels here

How about the Sun Oven?  Of course the sun must be out, and it is best to cook around the noon hour, before and after.

Sun Oven Info here

Also take a look at the Saratoga Jack

Heat up your food and pop it into the outer container, put the lid on and it cooks as you travel or at home

Saratoga Jack Store here

Also at Amazon here

Also a Butane Cook Plate and Fuel

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