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After Earthquake Checklist

Updated: Apr 19

After Earthquake Checklist




  • Stay put until the shaking stops. Stop Drop Cover

  • If you are in nightclothes, pull your 72 second kit (jeans, shirt, sweatshirt, socks, boots or shoes, leather gloves, flashlight or headlamp, notepad and pen/pencil) out from under the bed and get dressed quickly. Get your cell phone and charger equipment.

  • Be sure your shoes are on your feet securely

  • On your way out of the house, notice damage severity to your home, take note of it once outside safely.

  • Warn all family members, roommates, pets to go outside to your designated meeting area until aftershocks are over.

  • Make a list of the damage to your home, document with your phone or camera.

  • Check water heater.

  • Check for broken pipes, if so, turn off your water to the house, if you can safely access it.

  • Check the electrical panel, you may need to shut it down.

  • Check your gas line, if you smell gas-turn it off with the wrench you have attached to the gas meter.

  • Check the foundation of your home for cracks, inspect the chimney.

  • Broken windows.

  • Place your Emergency Ribbon that applies to your situation out in a very conspicuous place for your Block Captain to be able to see and report the status of your family.

  • If you are a Block Captain, and your family, home and pets are secure. Get your CERT pack, walkie talkie, helmet, vest and gloves.

  • Check in to the command post and head to your Precinct (Neighborhood) staging area for dispatch.

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