The Precinct Leader Guide came from making my own preparations.  As I studied and learned how and why things were necessary, came a natural desire to share with others.  This guide is not a complete one size fits all, it is a starting point with many projects that when completed will leave you with awareness and opportunity to build great skills that will serve you throughout your life.

The particular area that you live may require you to do more research that will better serve and prepare you.  Stay on track with these basics and go from there.

Always begin with yourself, family and home, next to your neighborhood, and then connect with your city.

You will find that you make wonderful friends along the way that also choose to be self-reliant, accountable and prepared for unforeseen events that happen in life.  Build on those friendships and include all those who want to be a part of your journey.

We cannot help others if we are not prepared ourselves.

In my own neighborhood, and city, I have met and worked with some of the most amazing, talented, caring people.  People who want to be part of the solution, whatever the problem may be.  You will also treasure those relationships that will come with this process.

Remember, it is not a specific event you will be preparing for.  It is a lifestyle, so get familiar with the Precinct Leader Guide and set a pace that will work well for you and your family, neighbors, and friends.

Blessings to you, my friends.