Roasted Peppers

I love Fall!  I love the bounty of the garden in the fall as the long hot days of summer produces such abundance of flavor and possibility for yummy food stored for the winter days ahead.  Making your own roasted peppers is a magical adventure from picking them from... read more

Make your own Laundry Kit

What would you do if you weren’t able to use your washing machine? Laundry still needs to be done.  Having a kit already put together if and when you may ever need it is a dream, especially in any kind of emergency.  A family activity for everyone to experience the... read more

Ella Mae Clothespin Bag

Ella Mae Clothespin Bag Made from an old pair of jeans with belt loops Directions Use a clean, washed pair of jeans.  Pull the front of the jeans down.  Fold the first leg cut over and cut the second leg. Turn inside out and lay down on a flat surface.  Front of jeans... read more

Gluten Free Food Storage

Food Storage is a must since you never know when you will need to use it. It’s not always a huge emergency forcing you to use it. Having extra staples on your shelf is good planning so you don’t need to dash to the grocery store in the middle of a delicious creation.... read more

Vinegar & Essential Oil Spray

Vinegar & Essential Oil Spray This is a great recipe I have used for many years.  Love it! After cleaning my sink, toilet, tub, shower etc., rinse well with a clean cloth, then spray with the vinegar and essential spray and give it another quick dry.  So clean and... read more

Make Your Own Laundry Soap

I love this recipe and use it often.  It is good to have in a laundry kit all ready to go. It only takes 1-2 tsp. if you are doing laundry in a 6-gallon bucket depending on how dirty the clothes are.  In a regular washing machine, 2 Tbsp. per load Dry Powder Laundry... read more

Sparkle Cleaning Scrub

Sparkle Cleaning Scrub I call it “Sparkle” because that is what it does! It makes the things you clean sparkle. I love to make and use it. Simple to make and easy to use. It only takes two ingredients: Baking Soda and Dawn. Cleans bathroom sinks, tile,... read more