Roasted Peppers

I love Fall!  I love the bounty of the garden in the fall as the long hot days of summer produces such abundance of flavor and possibility for yummy food stored for the winter days ahead.  Making your own roasted peppers is a magical adventure from picking them from... read more

Grow Wheatgrass Indoors

Grow Wheatgrass Indoors    Grow wheatgrass indoors and place in or by your window Purchase two trays the same size Drill holes in one, then place newspaper inside so the soil doesn’t fall through the holes Add top soil, then add soaked wheatberries, (for this... read more

Wheatgrass Facts

Wheatgrass Facts ● Must be juiced to digest it, not blended or chewed ● Can be grown at home, inside the house or in the garden ● Harvest between 4­6 inches and generally has a second cutting ● Digests best when consumed on an empty stomach ● Grown outside is less... read more

Eggshells in the Garden

Eggshells are amazing in the garden adding calcium to your soil as it breaks down.  Also used for soft bodied insect repellent as they will not approach your veggies as they would have to go over pretty sharp edges for lunch. Rinse your eggshells and let them dry on a... read more


Simple Directions for Sprouting Seeds/Grains/Wheatgrass in Soil   Soil Preparation: Super Soil Potting Mix from Home Depot 50%, Peat Moss 50%  mixed together Trays: A 17 X 17 “ tray will provide 8 oz wheatgrass with 2 cups wheat berries, sunflower seeds,... read more