“Coming together is the beginning.  Keeping together is progress.

 Working together is success.”– Henry Ford

District/Stake Presidency/ Ecclesiastical Leaders

The District/Stake Presidency carry a big responsibility for the spiritual well-being of the members of their District/Stake.  This is a very serious responsibility.  They encourage members, neighbors and friends to continue their long term self-reliant preparations... read more

District Comms

The District Communication Team is the most critical of positions to fill. It is where all the information from the District Precincts are gathered to send to the city They will also receive information from the city to pass along to the Precincts District Comms are... read more

District Liaison/Stake Preparation Leader

The District Liaison is the connection between the District (Stake) Leadership and the City Emergency Management Leadership.  The DL is also the Team Leader of all the Precinct Leaders/ Ward Preparation Leaders in their District (Stake). The District Leader assists... read more