Cottonwood Heights City Public Works

The new kid on the block is doing good things.  Cottonwood Heights City has their own Public Works Dept.  This past year, 2016-2017, a new fleet of snowplows made CH it’s home.  Drivers were trained and it was a much improved winter as roads were cleared for... read more

Mobile Communication Unit, Meet Van Guard

A mobile communication unit is beneficial for city sponsored events, or for any kind of an emergency.  The Van Guard is an amazing communications vehicle that is equipped with top quality HAM Radio equipment.   It is ready to hit the road with HAM Radio operators and... read more

CERT Trailer

What is a CERT Trailer? Why would we need one? You are now at the point of adding your CERT Trailer also known as a Cache to your neighborhood emergency plan. This supply trailer will be critical for your neighborhood in the event of a large-scale emergency that will... read more

Bishops/ Ecclesiastical Leaders

Bishops and Ecclesiastical Leaders have a very large responsibility to prepare their own homes for emergencies and also to encourage residents to do the same.  If residents are prepared to be self reliant, there will be more hands ready to help and available once... read more

Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is a program sponsored by the Police Department for the residents of the city Training includes how to secure your own home and also what to watch for in your neighborhood meaning, unusual activity to be aware of and watch for and who to call to... read more

District/Stake Presidency/ Ecclesiastical Leaders

The District/Stake Presidency carry a big responsibility for the spiritual well-being of the members of their District/Stake.  This is a very serious responsibility.  They encourage members, neighbors and friends to continue their long term self-reliant preparations... read more

Water Storing Tips

Invest in Water Storage and Education for You and Your family, it may save your life Empty Water Containers holds Dehydrated Water so…….FILL ‘EM UP! Water is Essential to LIFE! The human body is 60% water. Metabolism and clear thinking requires hydration.... read more

District Comms

The District Communication Team is the most critical of positions to fill. It is where all the information from the District Precincts are gathered to send to the city They will also receive information from the city to pass along to the Precincts District Comms are... read more

District Liaison/Stake Preparation Leader

The District Liaison is the connection between the District (Stake) Leadership and the City Emergency Management Leadership.  The DL is also the Team Leader of all the Precinct Leaders/ Ward Preparation Leaders in their District (Stake). The District Leader assists... read more

Sanitation Education, Kit And Procedures

Having a Sanitation Kit ready to go will put your mind to rest.  Sanitation is one of those issues that is unpleasant to talk about yet, critical to learn.  So let’s talk about it. If the power goes out, most cities will have enough back up power to run the... read more

Get Ready to Shake Out 2017!!!

  It is almost time for CH City Shake Out Drill. Mark your calendars for April 22, 2017 from 9 am to noon. Pull out your Emergency Ribbons and get ready to use them for the drill. (hopefully you have them stored in a ziplock bag taped inside one of your cabinet... read more


Electrical Power for Your Home     Do you know what to do when the power goes out in your home for an emergency, besides getting out the flashlights, candles or lanterns?  Calling the power company needs to be at the top of the list so you know what is going on. ... read more

Be Sure to Secure Your Water Heater

Be sure to take the project on of securing your water heater.  It is a simple project and one that will give you peace once it is done.  Shaking of the ground may cause a water heater to tip over if it is not secure to the wall or ceiling joist, which may cause a... read more

Child Grab ‘n Go Bag

    Putting a grab’n go bag together for your kiddos is a vital part of your family emergency plan.  Knowing you have organized a bag specific for each of them will produce a great deal of peace for you and your family so that when it may ever be needed, it... read more

Walkie Talkie Usage and Language Information

Most walkie talkies have the capability of both FRS/GMRS channels available and are great to use in many different situations. The FRS (Family Radio Service) or walkie talkie/2 way radio allows is a lower power output and include channels 8-15 and doesn’t have... read more

Put Your Grab ‘n Go Bag Together – We Can Help

FACT: When an emergency happens, it is too late to prepare So many calamities are happening all over the world, we never know when we may need to flee in a flash or “shelter in place”,  so caring for your own and your family’s needs before an... read more

Precinct Comms

The Precinct Comms is the communication specialist in the neighborhood, and, is in charge of learning how to use walkie talkies and/or HAM Radio, and teaches the CERT Teams and also Precinct Block Captains how to use them.  There are classes taught online to obtain a... read more

Are You a Precinct Leader in Your Neighborhood?

If you are a new or experienced Precinct Leader, you soon learn that the task of organizing your precinct/neighborhood is one of Team Building that takes time, effort and team work to get organized.  It is all dependent on your leadership, effort and vision.  Just... read more

Precinct/Neighborhood Organizing

Organizing your Precinct/Neighborhood is the next step after your own family preparations are well underway.   Take a look at the diagram to see all the areas and positions needing to be filled, so the development of your plan will be successful. The Precinct Leader... read more

Prepare Your Family for Life’s Unforeseen Adventures

You get to design your destiny, when you create what you want, that’s what you get because that is what you created When you depend on others, you get what they want to give you Make a Plan, Set a Target Date, Get It Done Store enough water for every person in... read more

What Would YOU Do If You Needed To Flee In A Flash?

As we look around our own communities and hear on the news, many families are needing to get out of their homes in a flash.  Fire, flood, earthquake, chemical spill or other natural event calls for us to be vigilant in our preparations to keep our family safe and to... read more

Get Ready for Shake Out

Shake Out is a great time to practice your Neighborhood/Precinct Emergency Plan.  We practice as a city on a Saturday morning, as that is when more of our residents are available to play. It generally takes about 3 hours.  It is great practice and we have learned so... read more

CERT Training

What is CERT? The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) concept was developed and implemented by the city of Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) in 1985.  They recognized that citizens would very likely be on their own during the early stages of a catastrophic... read more

After An Earthquake

Secure Your Family And Check Your Home After the quaking stops, and if you are in bed wearing your night clothes, roll out of bed and pull your 72-second kit (jeans, shirt, sweatshirt, socks, boots or shoes, leather gloves, flashlight or headlamp) out from under the... read more

Make your own Laundry Kit

What would you do if you weren’t able to use your washing machine? Laundry still needs to be done.  Having a kit already put together if and when you may ever need it is a dream, especially in any kind of emergency.  A family activity for everyone to experience the... read more

Are You A Pet Owner?

If you are, you may want to check out the information below to assist you in creating a plan for your pet, just as you do for your family. Because our pets are our family, they are depending on us to provide supplies, food and have an education that concerns them for... read more


What Does V.O.A.D. Mean?  There are many agencies involved in recovery, known as VOAD. Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster: The American Red Cross The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints The Lutheran Church The Baptist Church The Salvation Army These... read more

Office Grab N Go Bag

Read your company’s emergency and evacuation plan and get familiar with it.  Learn what to do and where to meet after an emergency. Practice as a group and individually. Think about what you would do in certain situations! Always evaluate your surroundings after an... read more

School Grab-N-Go

Are your children prepared for an emergency while attending school? Are your kids prepared for an emergency while they are at school?  There are many possibilities that may occur at school, things we don’t like to think about like, earthquake, flood, fire,... read more

Vehicle Preparation

Do you have an Emergency Kit for your Vehicle? Vehicle preparation is a must! Think about this…………….. It’s 11:30 p.m. you’re driving alone on a country road. It is getting dark and you are passing through a place that is... read more

Alternative Heating Options

Do you have a plan of how to heat your home in cold weather? If you plan on using wood to heat your home, you will need a lot if that is your only source of heat. Plan on purchasing cut wood during the year so it is ready for use when you need it. If you are cutting... read more

Gluten Free Food Storage

Food Storage is a must since you never know when you will need to use it. It’s not always a huge emergency forcing you to use it. Having extra staples on your shelf is good planning so you don’t need to dash to the grocery store in the middle of a delicious creation.... read more

Dutch Oven Cooking

Suddenly, the power and gas availability to your home is off. Your first question is “How do we eat?” One simple answer is a cast iron Dutch Oven. Using a Dutch Oven is the perfect way to cook because many foods can be cooked in it, different ways such as frying, deep... read more

Emergency Ribbons

Emergency Ribbons would be used if there were a widespread emergency that caused damage to your home and/or family, like an earthquake or other natural disasters, also for practice drills like The Great Utah Shakeout.

read more

Block Captain

If you have been asked to be a Block Captain by your Emergency Preparation Leader/Precinct Leader, you have joined a great team. You will learn skills that will prepare you to be a great asset in the event of an emergency.

read more

72-Second Kit

Prepare every person in your family with a 72-second kit is stored under each person’s bed in your home that includes: 1- Pair of Jeans 1- Shirt 1- Pair of Socks 1- Pair of Boots or Shoes 1- Pair of Leather Gloves 1- Flashlight or Headlamp In case of an... read more